Design /Build Contracting

Single Source Responsibilty is our definition of Design/Build Contracting. Witherspoon Inc. is composed of a dedicated team of professionals focused on this ideal. Our architects, Engineers, Project Managers, and Field Supervisors will streamline your construction project.

  • Project is completely charted out from day one, from inception to completion
  • On target scheduling
  • High level of communication between our Professionals and the Subcontracted
  • Cost containment through total project control
  • Quick and intelligent solutions to unusual or unforseen developements
  • Efficient decision making on critical issues
  • Our plan will parallel or improve upon your objectives

General Contacting

On time, within budget, and high quality defines Witherspoon Inc.'s General Contracting. When a project owner has already secured the services of the design group and project documentation has been completed. Witherspoon Inc.'s team of professionals are in place for quick and responsive bid proposals. Our resources are virtually unlimited in the field of construction. The grass roots of Witherspoon evolved from self performing contracting. As a result, we have the knowledge and experience of efficiently bidding and building a project.

Project Management

Witherspoon Inc. defines Construction Management as the ability to control and manage the time, cost and quality of a project from the conceptual planning phase through construction. At the very heart of Witherspoon is the ability to provide leadership and management to coordinate activities of all project team members. The management of the project commences in the predesign phase and progresses through the design, procurement, construction, and project close-out/operational phases.


Witherspoon Inc. has a distinguished reputation in the specialized HVAC field. Our goal is to offer solid design/build programs to achieve project objectives. More often than not, the HVAC is the most critical aspect of a construction project, and it usually is the least understood. Witherspoon sets itself apart from others, by taking pride in its educational programs that it has implemented for its professional employees in the HVAC area. The project professionals are on the cutting edge of HVAC technology and current governmental regulations being imposed in the HVAC field.